Wednesday 16 October 2019


Being jealous hurts in any way and is not beneficial for our conscious collective.
Love the life you are born to live, it's mysteries unfold themselves in due course.
We don't receive what we want, but what we need for our development.
Be careful what you wish for...

Our life purpose here on Earth is helping each other returning to our original state: Innocence Empowering ourselves and others to grow up and helping one another to re-conciliate,
this of course all in the light of love. Guided by wisdom of the heart, which should be the shelter for kindness. Can we do that? Or do we rather want to make each others lives miserable.
Let's grow up, the choice is ours...

Be well, be nice to yourself, give each other and our world a change...
You are part of assembling the pieces of the puzzle.
Don't blame others all the time, which is so easy to do.
Don't dismiss the responsibilities for your own actions...

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