Monday 4 January 2016


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The soul comes every day at dawn. " Good
 to see you again, my friend. The peace

Of God be with you." No matter where
you are or what you're doing, talking,

silent, asleep, soul comes and greets
you like that. Your soul sees your

purity. Body sees your pretensions and
deceit. You are a rose that heals

woundedness. "Hello again," call out
the thorns. I go to the village thief.

I say, "God be with you. " He gives me
a glass of wine. " Hold this carefully.

Keep it safe". " The peace of God."I tell
him. "But did you know that I am crazy?

I like to sit in the fire with Abraham."
Then I turn and thank God. Salaam

Aleichem. I walk out. The world is
dense with greeting. I respond in kind,

then back into the cave with my beloved.
Subtle artwork appears everywhere. It's

so fine to be with you. David from
the throne agrees to be thrown down!

Hallaj nods namaste from the cross. One
who is longing for your praise waves

without expecting anything. Someone
deeply in need signals helplessly.

The king puts up an appropriate banner.
The sick mouthe "Hey." I undress and walk

towards whatever's next. Every string
on the instrument sings salaam to

every other. Death brings good health.
I let words lose like mountain runoff,

read Sura 61, which warns of finding
images for what has no likeness and

leave the job I imagined for myself with
one thought, God bless. Adios, do svi-

danye, toodle-oo, au revoir, ciao, aloha,
teshekkur ederim, may your well be deep.

Rumi - The Glance- Songs of Soul-Meeting

Simple Definition of soul. : the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body and in many religions is believed to live forever. : a person's deeply felt moral and emotional nature.

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