Friday 14 August 2015



Last week I wrote a poem after having a session with spirit medium PIna Lazara and author of  Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis.  My homework was 'Letting Go' :-)

I loved Pina’s book. I admire her courage for writing it even though she wasn’t sure how it would be received or what people would think of her.  It gives me the courage to pursue my own book. 
I really liked the sense of timelessness where life events are interwoven with dream-like stories.
  My favorite bit was about the beluga whales and as I read it, I could just feel myself drawn in that magical world and I was in the sea moving up and down in the swell. Pina writes openly and honestly from her heart and I found I couldn’t put the book down.  I read most of it in an afternoon.

" I had an amazing healing with Pina on Saturday in Skibbereen. She was highly recommended by a friend, my friend said she was a shaman and we left it at that. When I was lying on the the table Pina told me she was a spirit medium which was cool with me. I told her I want to get let go of emotional stuff but didn't know how, saying that made me cry. She began to touch different points on my palms and arms.. whistling at times and making noises as if calling an animal. Next thing all the hairs on her arms stood up and she said what about your father? I said he's dead and she said I know he's here. So here I am crying and feeling like I'm releasing loads and my dad is here. She described him perfectly and then I thought of my grandma right before Pina said my grandmother was there. It was truly a magical experience it has given me a connection to my deceased loved ones whom I tend to forget about. She continued to touch points around my body, cleared me with feathers and smudged me with sage. I highly recommend this lady, I feel like something has shifted something that was unearthed throughout another experience before...

Pina, healer and loving soul of the highest degree, and “Irish”. I was healed of a reoccurring Carpal T Syndrome in one Session. It was Gone and Never came back! Beyond Magic! Bless you PiΓ±a.
HHi Pina! Your encouraging smile is giving hope to us all!
YYou’re a star, a star that will burn brightly for ever and ever and ever, Amen.
Hi,Pina! Thank you for being here...I underwent healing sessions with Pina on and off for a number of years and they were unlike anything else I have ever experienced. 
HHi Pina! What a beautiful blog! Fab testimonials altogether... I concur entirely!
I I always come away from a session enlightened and lighter! Lovely to meet ye in Lidl. My very best regards...
HHi Pina, you know who I am and now I know who you are. What you’re doing is great, you are near the angels.
WWhat you love and doing it, that is your real soul outfit, a perfect fit, schnazzy as can be.
PPina is an absolute angel! She helped me change my life and learn to love myself. She’s a star!

WWow! Pina Lazara, you are one amazing woman and I consider myself blessed to have met you.

Pina has to be experienced to be believed. Nobody can tell you to what to expect, and I imagine that every experience is very individual. I would encourage everyone to meet Pina and see what she can do for you. Come with no expectations or judgement and you will find the same.

Pina is an angel sent to teach us love. She has helped me to understand the power within. Believe in angels. 

PPina’s healing is unique. I have not experienced anything like it before or since. Through very difficult times, it is like a shelter for the soul.

Thank you Pina for helping me to be myself and live according to my hearts desires.

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