Monday 7 September 2020


 Chapter: Fear dimmes ones life purpose

"No one gets born to procrastinate their precious time here on Earth. Don't be afraid to be who you're born to be. You are here to shine your light purpose. Thinking or feeling otherwise is a belief of lower importance, which is an illusion, and will only bring fear into your life."

"Although fear is created by a past emotion, it can reoccur and take existence in a split second. Fear can be a powerful force at present, making the feeling of the memory last forever. This is the illusion".

    “Angst can only take on a form if you allow it within your mind. Only then in that split moment its fearful energy can claw a way in and take over. When fear befalls you and tries to attack you, protect oneself, don’t fight it, then angst has nothing to bore its emotional fangs into. When you allow it to battle inside of you, it will suck your skull dry and exhaust your bones Then all that is left after the struggle is an empty body that once has been the conduit of your soul."

   “When looking at fear clearly through your spirit eye, its laser sight can sense that the real challenge is, to stop being your own emotional punch ball. Conquering these fears is the highest skill for a warrior within its quest and were the true nature of a warrior meets the ultimate challenge of the worrier. Healing is learning to live with oneself and others in love and harmony. As there are no others but us all, you can stop fighting the formless and allowing yourselves to feel how beautiful you really are".

Excerpt of my second book to be: Only visiting this planet...

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  1. So true beautifully written Piña

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  3. Wonderful Words.....Wonderful Woman.

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