Sunday 25 January 2015



             ( 2011)     I woke up with these words this morning so there we go!

Why does feeling good about yourself or feeling beauty full means having a attitude? Why do beautiful people have to hide there being beautiful? Why is it so threatening for people who don't feel good about themselves, to meet people who do feel good about themselves? Why do we try to kill the magic and their natural intelligence in children? Why do we keep listening more to negative stuff and expressing our negative feelings more then our positive?? Why when people don't feel good about themselves, they try to make other people also feel unhappy? So that we all feel the same unhappiness, all feel miserable. What good does that do the world? For many people unfortunately that unhappy place became their home, their comfort zone. A place inside themselves which they are gotten used to live in. Why do more people grow up with feeling bad about themselves instead of feeling good and beautiful? This can only start when you let someone else decide what you are worth!!! No one else but you knows what you capabilities are, don"t let other people manipulate you and telling you how you should to be. These people are not the people which you should be "hanging out with". The right people in your life are the ones who are supportive and inspire you to be better. The ones which lift your spirit up and encourage you to live your full potential. What ever that may be,we don't know until we find out. We all have such different qualities, thank God we are all different but in one thing we are all the same!!! We all started as innocent children somewhere in our world, pure beings full of wonder and beauty. Born confident to shine our love from within towards each other and to be kind and respectful. To be unkind or disrespectful, trying to pull each other down into negativity doesn't bring us together. It seperate us and divides us and makes us all unhappy. Is that really why we are here for, are worthy of? I cannot believe that. Like that song from Peggy Lee: Is that all there is? Is that all there is? Is that all there is my friends? What is any bodies value anyway? Any bodies value is with what you came into this world. Your gift to share and making our world a better place. a place of awareness. Why is feeling good about yourself not a "good thing"? Not so well accepted, as we do accepting feeling not so good about yourself? Why if we feel bad or down or depressed nowadays is being "more normal" ? Why can't we all reach for the stars or give each other a helping hand whilst doing so???  Being a inspiration to each other, being supportive? No, instead we rather pull each other down poison each others mind! Does poisoning each others mind give any one the feeling to stand on your own two feet? Being able to do things yourself? No, it doesn't, all that it brings is division and dependancy.

Better to follow the stream of consciousness, togetherness, love and respect!

Bla bla bla, so many questions. I feel I have said enough so good morning to you all!

                            Keep feeling beauty full, it suits you right!

                            SELF WORTH ~ YOU'RE WORTH IT
( Old draft of: Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis)

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