Tuesday 14 April 2015


Many different kinds of people come to me for a session, and for many different reasons. Some come to relax, wanting to let go of tension which they have accumulated during the day. Others come because worries and fears keep them awake at night, or because stress-related pain causes them dis-comforts or dis-ease. Some come to experience the spiritual nature of a session. Still others have questions like, ‘Can you see my angels and do they have a message for me?’ And there are those who ask for specific guidance. These are just a few examples of the reasons people seek a healing session.

Every person has different ideas about what the spiritual world is and what it can do for them. Some people think that I or the angels will take away all their pain and worry, as if they have no responsibility for their own life. For the most part, people are totally committed to collaborating with me in their own healing process.

Some sessions only consist of channelling healing energy and no messages come in words. The aim of my spirit guides and/or their own is merely that I facilitate a person’s healing. I empower, guide and inspire the person to be able to return to their original state: innocence. I meet people from all walks of life and of all ages, anything from a few months old to ninety-nine years of age.

Angels or spirit guides come to help in the form of loving support. They know exactly when they are needed and for what reason. Very seldom would they deny help during a session, and this would only be when the person can do the work them self. This does not mean that the spirits are not present. They're always in the room but will sometimes only observe the session. The purpose of this will always reveal itself, if necessary, in due course.

The spiritual world has already done the work by bringing the person to a medium for a session. Then they support that person by allowing them to receive their healing. People often come to me through a caring person in their life, usually a relative, partner, friend, practitioner or neighbour. But the spiritual world always initiates the healing. Their presence is experienced by people in different ways.

They either feel it throughout the whole body as a warm sensation of love and light or, conversely, as an icy feeling, especially in the hands or feet. Sometimes people also feel a tingling, bubbly sensation, or rushes of hot and cold.This sensation of warm or cold I translate as the spiritual world giving them a helping hand. Why is it sometimes tingling and cold instead of warm?

The first response of 98 % of people in or after a session is:
" I have never experienced anything like this before! It's amazing"!

More about 'this and it' next week in part 2...Thanks for stopping by, Pina...

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