Thursday 1 May 2014


Another fine afternoon I stood day dreaming in the warm sunlight by the small pond, and saw an iridescent Hummer flying unto a nearby twig. When the bird saw me it gathered momentum and darted so closely towards my heart that I could feel his frantic heartbeat inside my chest as it was my own.

I don’t know if it had been just curious about me or mistaken me for a giant blue flower. Whatever it was, when the Hummer didn’t immediately pick up a nectar essence from me, it instantly flew back to the nearest tree. We looked at each other in total paroxysms, all this just in the wingspan of a few seconds.

These are the moments when you just know you are part of each other. When your nidus is made out of the wings of an Eagle Owl you can explore beyond measure. The knowing that protection is all around. That its safe to just go with Spirit. 

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