This is me playing receptionist when I was 4.
Now I'm my own 🌝 for ViaPina.
Never stop imagining, no matter which age.

Pina Lazara: CAT-therapeuten nr.: CL3990-10-09-20  

How fun when you find your telephone wire in a heart shape!

To book a session 
contact 00-31-(0)629-041424/
via WhatsApp or email:

All appointments by appointments only: 😊

For appointment @de Roos, please bring a towel and come 5 min earlier
before your session so you can wash your hands or use the facilities.

If you want/need to cancel your session I ask you hereby kindly to let me know on time.
When cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, the reserved time will not be charged.

Just as it would be at a doctor, dentist, massage and physio therapy, etc appointment.
I'm a 1 woman self-employed business. Thank you for your understanding, Pina. 
                                         The positive effects of the sessions can approximately
                                 last 1 week, 1 month, a few months, a few years or a life time.
                                    When you feel that the session did you well, come back to
                                                 unravel the next layer of your positive being.
                                           Meet and greet your warrior, your dormant true self, 
                                          The one that is been waiting for so long to show itself!
                                    It will be a joyous day, welcome yourself with tears or a smile.

 Healing is embracing yourself as you 

                                     would welcome your best friend. 

                                                ~ DON'T BE WORRIER ~ BE A WARRIOR ~ 

        For more information about my work feel free to inquire.  

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